Monday, April 23, 2012

CAMP Pro Nuts manufacturing issues

At a recent browsing of the local REI, I had a chance to check out the CAMP Pro Nuts in person.  Randomly picking a set and comparing it to similar BD nuts, I noticed manufacturing fluctuations in the CAMP Pro Nuts.  Specifically the drilled holes the wire passes through were offset on some nuts.  After further inspection of REI's stock, it was easy to observe that on about 3 nuts out of 14 total nuts (2 full sets), the holes were skewed toward one side.  One of the #5s was particularly bad where the remaining Al alloy between edge of the hole and the edge of the nut was less than 1/2 the radius of the wire hole.  In normal nut placement this theoretically should have little impact, however there is a very minor chance it could affect the placement strength when the nut is placed in the less common fashion along its length.

I still like and plan on purchasing some of CAMP's gear, but this accentuates the importance of inspecting one's gear, not just for wear and tear, but when you purchase the product brand new.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to the Light'n'Fast blog

We'll update this blog with reviews of products we've tested.  Check back in the future!